Lungs in Action

  • Have you recently completed an in hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program?
  • Do you want to continue to reduce your risk of COPD exacerbations?
  • Are you looking for a community based program to continue group exercise classes?

What is Lungs in Action?

Lungs in Action is a safe and enjoyable community-based exercise program run by an accredited exercise physiologist. The classes are designed to help people living with a chronic lung disease maintain the benefits achieved through pulmonary rehabilitation. It is also suitable for people with heart failure who often experience similar symptoms such as breathlessness, to those with chronic lung conditions.

Benefits of exercise for lung health:

  • Improve symptoms of breathlessness
  • Easier to complete daily activities such as cooking or doing the washing
  • Helps manage weight
  • Improves overall health and well being
  • Improves aerobic fitness
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Increases bone mineral density

Who is suitable for the Lungs in Action classes?

Anyone who has recently completed pulmonary rehabilitation may attend the Lungs in Action classes. The classes are flexible and tailored to suit everyone’s individual needs, whether you have a mild, moderate or severe lung disease.

The classes include exercises such as walking, upper and lower body strength exercises, balance and stretching. The classes are also suitable for people who require supplemental oxygen and walking frames.

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Frequently asked questions

What do the classes involve?

The Lungs in Action classes involve once weekly group exercise sessions. The classes are run by our accredited exercise physiologists. The classes consist of a combination of walking and strength based exercises. All exercises can be modified for all abilities.

How do I know I am eligible for the program?

Lungs in Action is a Phase 3 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. To be eligible for the program, you must have completed a Phase 1-2 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in a hospital prior to attending. You must also be able to obtain a referral from your Respiratory Specialist, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator or GP.

What if I have completed Pulmonary Rehabilitation more than 12 months ago?

If you have completed Pulmonary Rehabilitation more than 12 months ago, you may need a referral from a Respiratory Specialist or GP.

How long do the sessions run for?

Each session runs for 60 minutes.

Do I need to book in?

Yes. Bookings are essential. Click on the registration button above to register.

What is the cost of the classes?

Contact your nearest clinic for details on the cost of the program. Subsidies may be available and all sessions may be claimable through your eligible private health insurance.

Where are the classes held?

Albury: Level 2, The Gardens, 470 Wodonga Place Albury NSW

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