Suzi Monaghan

• Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Suzi grew up in a small village in the Scottish Highlands and studied Physiotherapy in Aberdeen. She graduated from her physiotherapy degree in 2000 from Robert Gordon University. Suzi moved to Austraia after graduating and travelled around Australia working in physiotherapy positions across rural NSW and TAS and later in both Tasmania and Geelong region.

During that time, Suzi has worked across many areas of physiotherapy however her recent move back to the private sector has seen a strong focus on rehabilitation through movement restoration and strength and conditioning training.

Outside of work, you will find Suzi enjoying family day trips into nature including their family pet dog, Doug, who is a very energetic kelpie! Suzi also keeps busy with gym weight training or doing HIIT classes.

Specialty interest areas
  • Physiotherapy
Available locations

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