Prize money put up for record Nail Can Hill run time

THE Nail Can Run is expected to attract one of its strongest fields with $5000 being put up for a record time. Competitors must beat Olympian Steve Moneghetti’s sensational time of 34:57 minutes in 2003 to collect the cash. Last year’s winner, Harry Smithers, ran 38.50. “I would like to think it could bring a new wave of runners to the event,” race director James Brown said. “Our race has been great over the last 40 years but I suppose we are trying to attract a new elite level of runner because it’s not an easy run,

“We will put the money up and, if you can beat the record, then congratulations to you. “There are some people who are helping us attract a more elite level of runner through connections, “We will see how we get on.” The closest anyone has come to beating Moneghetti’s record was Jeremey Horne in 2005 when he 37.58. Prizemoney will be awarded to a range of divisions including $500 to the primary school with the most entrants in the popular Half Can race.

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