A revolutionary new tool for the treatment of tendon injuries

Latest-news-ShockwaveFlex Out Physiotherapy Albury are excited to announce our clients’ now have access to Shockwave Therapy (SWT).

SWT is a promising new treatment used to assist in the management of tendon injuries.

What conditions does SWT treat?

SWT has attracted several clinical research trials that have supported its use in the treatment of clients with the following:

  • Foot – Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis
  • Knee – Patella tendinopathy, ‘shin splints’, Osgood Schlatters disease
  • Elbow – tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Shoulder – rotator cuff tendonitis and calcification high frequency shockwaves to the injured tendon. These shockwaves are delivered non-invasively through the skin, and treatment stimulates healing in chronic tendon injuries that have failed to heal spontaneously and have not responded to other treatments. About 60-80% of clients have a significant improvement in their tendon pain after SWT.

What does treatment with SWT involve?

A standard course of SWT involves up to five sessions of 10-15 minutes. Clients may feel some discomfort during the treatment, but this will subside quickly afterwards. Clients should avoid strenuous activity for two-days post treatment. For more information, phone Flex Out Physiotherapy on (02) 6023 2831.

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